Our Story

Our Story

Oh, hello!
We're Jess & Kristine*

(*Jess says she gets top billing because she made this page. Even though Kristine is older and came first.)

If you can’t tell, we’re sisters!

We started Nufs in 2020 after our dad was diagnosed with diabetes. It was hard to find clean ingredient, low sugar, and filling snacks he would enjoy. Eating less sugar often meant having to choose artificial sweeteners and sugar alternatives that were still really sweet to the taste or overly processed protein bars. This is what inspired us to make our first product: Superfood Bites. Great tasting snacks made from real food and less sugar - without the stevia. They're naturally nutritionally balanced with fiber, protein, and good fats to prevent sharp spikes in your blood sugar.

Now, we're launching a line of Gluten-Free Artisanal Crackers, featuring the FIRST Hot Honey Cracker in the world. 

We started ‘Nufs to make a clean snacks that are a delight to eat.

When you’re looking for a snack, Nufs are enough!

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