We believe real nutrition comes from real food

This is why we make our Superfood Bites with real food ingredients like almonds, flaxseeds, and chia seeds and lightly sweeten them with organic maple syrup - NO STEVIA or sugar alcohols. Our bites are nutritionally balanced with protein, fiber, and good fats from whole food.

  • Real Food Feels Better

    Made with protein, fiber, and good fats from nuts and seeds. These are wholesome bites that will leave you feeling satisfied without bloating or a sugar crash. They're tasty. They're filling. They're not too sweet, they're just sweet enough.

    Discover the difference that whole food makes.

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  • It made all other regular brownie products feel way too sweet, while the Nufs were just *Chef's kiss*

  • I'm really discerning about the foods I eat, especially if they're packaged. Nufs are just right!

  • These are energy bars for people who hate energy bars. They're a delicious and healthy on-the-go snack!

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Our Story

We're Jess and Kristine and we're the sister-duo behind Nufs! We started making our snacks after our dad was diagnosed with diabetes and we had a hard time finding low sugar, nourishing foods that were made with simple ingredients - so, we made them ourselves! Our bites are filling enough, nourishing enough, and just sweet enough!

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