Did you know?

On Diabetes

When our dad was diagnosed with diabetes we were shocked to learn about how pervasive diabetes is in our communities. Here are some fast facts:

  • 1 in 3 North Americans is living with diabetes or is pre-diabetic
  • The Diabetes Association and the Heart & Stroke Foundation recommend consuming no more than 50g of added sugars per day
  • Some "healthy" protein bars/ snack bars can have up to 20g of sugar in every serving

This is why we make our Nufs with 5-6g of sugar per serving and packed with whole food nutrition!

This is an old school pic of our dad!


On Superfoods

When we created our snacks, we wanted to start with flavours that were familiar to us, but we also wanted them to pack a nutritious punch! Here are some fast facts:

Black Sesame

Coconut Pandan

Ginger Orange



Thank you!